To Our Amazing Ticket Holders,  


Thanks again for sticking by our side during this most difficult time. We are so sad to not be seeing you all this weekend, but are so, so excited to see all of you at the next Five Points Fest! 


We will be reaching out in the next few weeks to get your address so we can send you the 2020 VIP Toy and T-Shirt (if applicable)

In the meantime – check out these amazing offers!


Minty Choco Lil Qwiky Canbot by Quiccs x Czee13!

Clutter promised 150 new Minty Choco Lil Qwiky Canbots for Five Points Fest and here they are!

The Canbot is an original concept and design by world-renowned UK based street artist Czee13.

Standing at 5.5″ tall, and featuring a real can rattle

Czee13 Custom Quiccs Ravager!

 Czee13 has customized 5 Quiccs Ravagers exclusively for Clutter! Limited to just 5 pieces, these are beautifully hand-painted to create his signature look!

Kaaarg GID – Painted By Mark Nagata

From the murky depths of the Hudson River comes –  The Killer Kaaarg designed by Jeff Lamm!!

These super special glow-in-the-dark Kaaarg’s are hand-painted by industry master Mark Nagata of MaxToyCo exclusively for Clutter!!

Standing at approx 8″ tall, with an exposed brain and 5 points of articulation there are only FIVE of these beauties available!

$225 each!

Ghostbear Black by Luke Chueh

Exclusively from Strangecat Toys!

Ghostbear Black by Luke Chueh,  Produced by Munky King!  2.5” Soft Vinyl limited to just 200 pieces worldwide!

$30 each

This link to purchase is only live until midnight EST on Saturday May 30th! SO DO NOT MISS OUT!

Muck Marshman GID Oilslick by Neil Ewing!

Muck Marshman GID Oilslick by Neil Ewing!

Standing approximately 8 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. Made from glow-in-the-dark soft vinyl with metallic blue and pink sprays and scarlet brush work.

Limited to just 5 pieces at $150 each!

Super Secret Five Points Fest Surprise Drop From Dirt House Resin!

Super Secret Five Points Fest Soft Vinyl Monsterland Playsets! The first vinyl Monsterland drop! Red or blue blanks, includes 3 micro kaiju: Giomeron, Smugoleth, and Beakreaper
Sculpted by Jason Cooper (@dirt_house_resin) limited to just 20 red and 20 blue pieces at $45.00 each!

Two Exclusive Resin Figures from LOFI COLLECTIVE!

Five Points Fest EXCLUSIVE! Shadow (Black and White) is available for Pre-order now! Handmade from resin, hand-painted with Swarovski crystal eyes. Only ten pieces available at $200 + shipping! Email [email protected] to purchase!

Two Exclusive Resin Figures from LOFI COLLECTIVE!

Five Points Fest EXCLUSIVE! Shadow (Botanical) is available for Pre-order now! Handmade from resin, hand-painted with Swarovski crystal eyes. Only ten pieces available at $400 + shipping! Email [email protected] to purchase!

Wearable Art by Girly Pop Bows!

This Five Points Fest Exclusive Cat Bat Brooch is handmade and limited to just 25 pieces! Available now at  these amazing pieces of wearable art won’t last!

Marusan 450 Series Giant Gorilla,
“Royal Ape” edition

his 11 inch Sofubi figure comes bagged with a header card and is limited to just 30 pieces!  At just $200 each these will not last! If you want to purchase one please email [email protected] !

New Exclusives from ClassicBot!

Classicbot Classic StickerBomb Special Edition is a crossover project between Classicbot and Toys to Art from Japan. Each sticker is designed with a nostalgic touch in mind and hand applied. Each Classicbot Classic is about 10cm tall. He carries a “font suitcase” in his hand and is accompanied by his friendly mouse (model G5431b)

Limited to just 20 pieces at $50 each, these will go fast!

Wearable Art by Girly Pop Bows!

This Five Points Fest Exclusive Black Heart set is handmade and limited to just 25 pieces! Available now at  these amazing pieces of wearable art won’t last!

One-off Custom Bearritos by bleedingedges!

A Collection of one-off, handpainted Bearritios by just for #VirtualFPF PLUS discounts on unpainted pieces and the FPF 2019 exclusive!

All painted by Bleeding Edges. One of a kind, signed and dated on the foot. Airbrush and enamel paint details

Bearrito is a character created by Bleeding Edges and Diehm 777, and sculpted by Big Man Toys. 5″ tall with 3 points of articulation,  BEARRITO doesn’t want to give you a hug, he wants to eat you!


A Brand New Collection from Fox Forge Toys including Five Points Festival Exclusive — Lava Edition Legionnaire

Fox Forge Toys has created an amazing new line of STAR DUSK figures just in time for #VIRTUALFPF

Fox Forge Toys is an exciting and passion-driven toy company and we’re so excited to share their work with you!

Brand New Quiccs Customs from Rick Sans!

This custom Ravager, custom MegaTEQ and MORE by the talented Rick Sans are available in his shop now!

These amazing pieces glow-in-the-dark, respond to black light AND sparkle!

Grab them now before they are gone!

Pop Culture Cufflinks from Goellnerd!

One-of-a-kind hand-painted skate deck depicting Classicbot’s latest creation, iBoy!

iBoy pays homage to the iconic MP3 player. The graphic on the skateboard deck is fluid and rhythmic, symbolizing music in motion. It was hand-painted by the designer Philip Lee using spray can and acrylic paint.

This one-of-a-kind artwork can be YOURS for $350!

Super Limited Sofubi Penetrator-X figure hand-painted by Rampage Toys! Limited to three pieced worldwide made exclusively for Clutter!

The piece features the Penetrator-X head sculpted by American Gross on a Skull Head Butt Body.

Ron English x Clutter presents; Big Poppa Clear!

English’s most iconic figure, The McSupersize, meets the greatest MC of all time… Introducing the ultimate bootleg Hip-Hop Mashup… The Big Poppa!​

Just 20 pieces available!

Brand New Stretched Canvas Prints from Hawaii’s Own 7Sketches!

Dragon Teq 63 // Quiccs x 7Sketches Stretched Canvas Print! Available in two different sizes: 24 x 26 for $110 AND 11×14 for $40!!

There’s a ton of other awesome stuff in the shop so CHECK IT OUT!

Pop Culture Cufflinks from Goellnerd! 

Rep your favorite TV Couple on your sleeves with this awesome cufflinks! Available to Five Points Fest attendees before the general public – get them before they are gone!

Get beautiful, one-of-a-kind sculptures from All Nighter Productions!

All Nighter Productions has made a whole collection of beautiful, one-of-a-kind work available to Five Points Festival VIPS! In addition to this, they are also running a sale in honor of Five Points Fest through June 5th!

Czee13 Custom 5oz Canbot

As part of Clutter’s virtual Five Points Fest 2020 offerings,

the amazing Czee13 has customized 5 Canbot 5oz!

Limited to just 5 pieces, these are beautifully hand painted to create his signature look!


This is the “Punk Version” of Bigger Little Enid soft-vinyl doll designed by Daniel Clowes. Comes with handbag accessory. Limited to 690 pieces and planned to be released on June 9th.

From the murky depths of the Hudson River comes – The Killer Kaaarg designed by Jeff Lamm!!

These super special green Kaaarg’s are hand-painted by industry master Mark Nagata of MaxToyCo!!

Standing at approx 8″ tall, with an exposed brain and 5 points of articulation.

This release is limited to 5 pieces!

Exclusive VIP GOLD Musculoids Figure!

Musculoids have a TON of amazing figures, but this one is only available to VIPs! Make sure to check out their shop for all the other awesome toys after you’ve snagged the VIP Exclusive available HERE!

New Exclusives From Spacerabbit!

The talented team at Space Rabbit Studio are releasing three limited edition figures, just for Five Points Fest! The Mazinger Special Edition is available for just $85!

A Brand New Sticker Set from  iLiKeCooLsHiT! 

This Quarantine Special from the good folks at  iLiKeCooLsHiT is doing a pre-sale of their brand new ESSENTIAL STICKER PACK collaboration with LiL Lows on Friday, May 29th at 12pm EST!

Make sure to check out all the awesome stuff in their shop and get a FREE unreleased pin when you buy 2!

Limited Edition Enamel Pins from Mike Die and iSawaDino!

Grab these super limited edition AWESOME pins from The Tag Team Pin Champs Mike Die and iSawaDino!

With 2 different limited designs in super limited colors these will be gone before you know it!

A Virtual Five Points Event with Rampage Toys!

Make sure you’re following Rampage Toys on Instagram for announcements about this SUPER SPECIAL VIRTUAL FIVE POINTS DROP!


Megadon and the Dawn of the
Monsters  by Seismic Toys!

These awesome soft vinyl figures stand 9 inches tall and are made of soft vinyl. The Megadon is based on the kaiju characters in the upcoming video game “Dawn Of The Monsters” by 13AM Games due next year for PC and Console. Limited to 125 Pieces!

Use the Coupon Code FIVEPOINTS15 at check out for 15% off your order between May 29th and June 7th!

Shop Danger Bot’s Exclusive Five Points Fest Collection!

Need some new badass T-shirts in your collection? Check out the awesome folks at Danger Bot!

Danger Bot has put together a collection of awesome items saved just for Five Points Fest! Want more bang for your buck? Use coupon code FivePoints at checkout for 15% off your order through June 7th!

A Gorgeous New Pin from Lulu VanHoagland!

This dangling chandelier pendant can be ordered as either a brooch or a necklace! Available while supplies last with free shipping on all orders over $35!

A Beautiful Blind Box Series from Lofi Collective!

Check out this gorgeous new Blind Box Series by Lofi Collective! You can grab a single one for $11 + shipping OR the whole set for $132 + shipping! Each figure stands approximately 3 inches tall!

Candy Kirin Figure from Cloverpuff!

Sugar the Candy Kirin by Cloverpuff is a colorful sprinkle spirit who loves stargazing and all things sweet. She’s ready to keep you company at your desk or add cuteness to a shelf. She stands 4 inches tall, and is approximately 2 inches wide. Made of durable, lightweight vinyl, she features bright, cleanly painted details. Also available unpainted!

SO MUCH Amazing Stuff from SPandEX Studios!

Known for making clever bootlegs and adorable crochet wonders, Colorado’s SPandEX Studios has a plethora of awesome things available on their website right now! Check it out and grab something amazing!


Tons of New Stuff from eddieinthecity

Artist, resin caster and all around awesome guy, eddieinthecity has FILLED his shop with all sorts of goodies in honor of #VIRTUALFPF!

An Awesome Pin Pre-Order from Hatch Comics!

New from Hatchcomic – Dirty Birdy pin preorder! A new glittery enamel pin! Preorder now till June 7th for a special discount! Want another incentive? Use coupon code 5POINTS at checkout for 20% off your order on ETSY!

Great Figure by RedGuardian!

Creative Clown! This limited edition resin figure is produced by RedGuardianNYC! Limited to just 160pcs and standing 6.3 inches tall – get yours TODAY for just $169.99!


Use the following coupon codes to get discounts from our awesome vendors all week long!
GirlyPopBows is running a store-wide sale with lots of offers for Five Points Fest ticket holders and exclusive offers for VIPS!

Spend $20 get 10% off

Spend $30 get 15% off

Spend $35 get 20% off + free shipping to the U.S.!

+ First 15 orders will get a free button with purchase!

+ All orders receive a free mini print with purchase!

+ VIPS can leave me a note on their order saying they are a Five Points VIP to receive a free gift (holographic sticker) with their purchase! (Must leave note on order in order to redeem, and must be within time period of May 29 – June 7. Until supplies last)

Grab some awesome art, apparel and accessories with an EXCLUSIVE coupon code from street artist Sharpy!

Use Coupon code 5POINTS for 20% OFF your entire order. Valid 5/29 – 6/7 at Sharpy’s Shop!

Coupon Codes From BirdbrainsNYC​!

This awesome pin shop is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50 with the coupon code FPF20 AND 15% off all purchases with coupon code MEMORIAL!

Head to their ETSY to use the codes NOW!

A beautiful new pin from Diana Teeter — plus shop-wide savings! 

This beautiful new Lightbringer Enamel Pin is available on their shop now! Use the coupon code FIVEPOINTS20 for 20% off everything in Diana’s Etsy shop through June 15th!

You can check out her awesome shop HERE!

A Coupon Code for Enamel Pins and Stickers from Tara McPherson!

Head on over to TheCottonCandyMachine to browse all the beautiful enamel pins and sticker sets they have available and use the coupon code FIVEPOINTSFEST for 20% off all orders through June 1st!

Presenting The Wall Show curated by our good friends at Tenacious Toys!

23 amazing illustrators, graffiti artists, digital artists, sticker artists and painters applied their considerable talents to this DIY platform. The 4 x 4 inch walls were sculpted and cast in resin by Nerviswr3k and are fully customizable blank platforms.

The artist roster for The Wall Show includes:

▪MCA Evildesign ▪AngelONCE ▪In Prime We Trust ▪“Nemo” ink ▪Goopmassta ▪Czee 13 ▪ChrisRWK ▪BrownWhale ▪Downtimer ▪Atomik ▪Hoem ▪EyeHARTtoys ▪MikeDie ▪AnotherSadArtist ▪El Toro ▪Juan Muniz ▪Luke Chueh ▪Scribe ▪Kwestone ▪Ali’s Alley ▪Illfingers ▪Willow408 ▪FUstamps

View here!