Five Points Fest News
[ April 29, 2022 ]
Event Update 2022!!

Hello, Five Points Family! Thank you for being so patient. We...

Five Points Fest News
[ October 1, 2021 ]
Five Points 2021 and beyond…

We know a lot of people have been waiting for an update from us,...

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[ March 28, 2020 ]
COVID-19 Postponement Announcement

To our Five Points Fest family, Thank you for your...

Five Points Fest News
[ May 27, 2020 ]
Virtual Five Points Fest!

Thanks for sticking by our side during this most difficult...

ExclusivesFive Points Fest NewsVIP
[ March 6, 2020 ]

We’re super excited to announce that this year Five...

Five Points Fest News
[ February 13, 2020 ]
Five Points 2019 recap by Siddfeed

Thank you to Siddfeed for putting together this amazing...

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[ February 10, 2020 ]
Five Points Fest 2020 Tickets Are Available Now!

Grab your tickets now for America’s premiere Designer Toy...

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[ September 24, 2019 ]
Five Points Fall Returns to Union Square!

Five Points Fall is Heading Back to Union Square Oct. 4th...