Welcome to Five Points Festival – where innovation thrives, individuality reigns supreme, and unforgettable memories are made!

Established in 2017, and brought to you by industry cornerstone Clutter Magazine), Five Points Fest is America’s preeminent, Designer Toy & underground art festival!
Bringing together the shining stars of Designer Toys, Street Art, and Indie Comics, from all over the world, under one roof, in the best city in the world, NEW YORK!
The antidote to the average con, Five Points Fest is a curated celebration of tastemakers, misfits, and rebels in a one-of-a-kind gathering designed with community and collecting at its core!
Featuring crazy monsters, bizarre creatures, awesome robots, weird aliens, and pop culture perversions, we bring together like-minded tribes for a massive party, unlike any con you’ve ever attended!

But, it’s not just about showcasing incredible talent and selling art… it’s about building a community united by their passion for collecting.

Five Points Fest creates an environment where like-minded individuals can connect on a deeper level – sharing stories, exchanging ideas, and forging lifelong friendships! Artists and vendors are invited to directly interact with the culture and lifestyle they influence while giving collectors a chance to experience the innovations that are driving the future of commercial and counterculture art.

Rounded out by curated craft beers and food trucks, we’re not a place to see movie premieres or get photos with TV stars — that’s not who we are. Five Points Fest is a celebration of art and its creators, whether they make comics, toys, craft beer, or vegan Korean tacos.

Five Points Fest is not the place to find something you already know… it’s the place to discover something new!


Get the ultimate reminder of your amazing time at Five Points Fest from our Tattoo Parlour. With exclusive flash from our top artists or a personalized session, you will go home with a piece of permanent art!
Craft & Exclusive Beer
Hang out in the courtyard and drink exclusive brews from the top masters, or pick up one of our artist-designed cans ONLY available at the event!!
Live Painting
Watch our amazing LIVE PAINTING event, with some of the worlds top talent.
Designer Toy Awards
The world’s premier accolade for designer toy artists and the industry around them.
Amazing Food Trucks
Grab something delicious from one of our amazing food vendors.
Workshops & Panels
Join a Gundam build party, or listen to Industry pro's give you valuable insight.