Five Points Festival, a curated Designer Toy, Indie Comic, Craft Beer, Kaiju & Sofubi, Street Art, and Live Painting festival, is excited to announce the return of the much-anticipated event for 2023! The antidote to the average con, Five Points Fest brings together tastemakers, misfits, and rebels into a one-of-a-kind marketplace.


Taking place at Brooklyn’s Zero Space, the festival will bring together the best Indie Artists, Designer Toys, Original Art, Resin Sculptures, Plush, Blind Boxes, Blanks, Minis, Kaiju, Japanese Vinyl, Street Art, Posters, Prints, Apparel, Live Painting, Craft Beer, Food Trucks, Pins, Patches, Tattooing and more!

Get the ultimate reminder of your amazing time at Five Points Fest from our Tattoo Parlour. With exclusive flash from our top artists or a personalized session, you will go home with a piece of permanent art!
Craft & Exclusive Beer
Hang out in the courtyard and drink exclusive brews from the top masters, or pick up one of our artist-designed cans ONLY available at the event!!
Live Painting
Watch our amazing LIVE PAINTING event, with some of the worlds top talent.
Designer Toy Awards
The world’s premier accolade for designer toy artists and the industry around them.
Amazing Food Trucks
Grab something delicious from one of our amazing food vendors.
Workshops & Panels
Join a Gundam build party, or listen to Industry pro's give you valuable insight.
[All you need to know]

When Is The Five Points Festival?

Five Points Festival is June 10-11, 2023

Saturday, June 10th, 2023

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM – VIP Registration (no access to show floor until 10 am)

10:00 AM – VIP & Media Preview

11:00 AM to 6:00 PM – Open to the Public

7:00 PM – LATE – Designer Toy Awards Ceremony

Sunday, June 11th, 2023

10:00 AM – VIP & Media Preview

11:00 AM – 6:00 PM – Open to the Public.

Where Is The Five Points Festival?

The Five Points Festival takes place at  Brooklyn’s Zero Space.

Zero Space

310 Butler St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

What happens to the ticket that I purchased in 2020?

If you have not yet used your purchased 2020 ticket. Please contact us at [email protected]. Thanks!

*Tickets remain non-refundable*

Why Is It Called The Five Points Festival?

We’re building a marketplace inspired by one of New York’s most storied neighborhoods – the Five Points of Old New York. Five Points was an area of 19th century Lower Manhattan between Centre Street to the West, Bowery to the East, Canal Street to the North, and Park Row to the South – an area very close to where the Five Points Festival took place in its first year.

While the physical Five Points of old is long gone, we know the independent spirit of historic Five Point is still alive in the rebel artists of today, and the Five Points Festival welcomes them home.

Do I Need A Ticket?

Yes, tickets are needed to attend the Five Points Festival and can be purchased online. Tickets are available Saturday, Sunday, Weekend and VIP  flavors. Want to go to the Designer Toy Awards? Grab a VIP Pass to party with the biggest names in Designer Toys.

How do I collect my VIP pass?

Congratulations on being one of our V.I.P Guests! As part of your ticket, you get in 1 hour earlier, at 10 am (est). Lines form early on Saturday (sometimes Friday night), so be aware that it may be hot, or raining, so dress appropriately and bring water/shade – BE PREPARED!

You will be receiving a second-ticketed QR code from us before the event. This will be used to collect your VIP goodie bag. If you have attended as a V.I.P before, this is new, so please be on the lookout for it.


Your V.I.P badge and goodie bag, will NOT be mailed to you. You must be at the festival to collect them. You can do this in two ways:


Registration to collect your pass starts at 8 am, but you will not be able to gain access until 10 am.

You must bring your printed ticket confirmation and Valid ID for the name on the ticket to collect your passes.

Don’t forget as part of your V.I.P ticket you are also a special guest at the 10th annual Designer Toy Awards ceremony.

Can I Bring Kids?

Children aged ten and under get free admission to Five Points Fest!. Everyone over ten-years-old require a ticket. Before you bring your kids, please understand Five Points is a celebration of designer toys and comics that will feature everything from super cute to super adult. So be aware that not everything at Five Points Festival is appropriate for kids.

Can I Cosplay?

Absolutely. We LOVE a good costume!! Cosplay is a huge part of convention culture, and we’re not looking to limit your creativity, but please note that costumes must be appropriate to wear in public – if you can’t wear it on the streets of New York City, you can’t wear it at Five Points Fest. Please look to the following parameters about what is and is not allowed at Five Points:


  • Don’t wear anything that’s sharp, pointy, or could hurt another attendee
  • Don’t be a jerk!
  • Prop firearms are NOT allowed.
  • Prop bows will be allowed providing all arrows have soft tips and will not be shot
  • No metal weapons, sharp weapons, blunt weapons, cap guns, airsoft guns, BB guns, or vuvuzelas at all.

What If I’m Uncomfortable Or Harassed?

Five Points is an open celebration of art and its creators, and harassment of any kind is the opposite of the community we want to be. Five Points is committed to fostering an atmosphere where attendees can count on a safe, inclusive, and rewarding experience – with zero tolerance for harassment, groping, stalking, and inappropriate photography. Harassment includes, but isn’t limited to, verbal defamation based on gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, or religion; deliberate intimidation; following or stalking; forceful photography or recording; sustained disruptions; and non-consensual physical contact or sexual attention. Harassment of any kind is unwelcome at Five Points and will not be tolerated.

Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend in 2022?

We are required to follow the rules laid out by NYC and NYS, in order to keep all of our vendors and attendees safe. Please read our guidelines here for the latest information.

All requirements for vaccines have been dropped in NYC. We strongly suggest getting vaccinated but are not requiring proof to enter Five Points Fest.

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