Five Points Festival, a Designer Toy, Indie Comic, Craft Beer, Kaiju & Sofubi, Street Art and Live Painting festival, is excited to announce the return of the much-anticipated event! The antidote to the average con, Five Points Fest brings together tastemakers, misfits, and rebels into a one-of-a-kind marketplace.

Taking place the weekend of June 8-9, 2024, at ZeroSpace, the festival will bring together the best Indie Artists, Designer Toys, Original Art, Resin Sculptures, Plush, Blind Boxes, Blanks, Minis, Kaiju, Japanese Vinyl, Street Art, Posters, Prints, Apparel, Live Painting, Craft Beer, Food Trucks, Pins, Patches, Tattooing and more!


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Made up of the award winning duo Leong Wankok and pH Khor, 1000Tentacles create some of the most sought after vinyl figures around! Hailing from Malaysia, they are best known for their iconic Monster and Kid series - with unique sculpts that replicates a handmade art style so well!
5thTurtle is a Bronx-born, Maryland-based artist who has been a rising star in the resin and designer toy sculpture world since 2018. Influenced by comic books and pop culture, he experiments with color, light, and mixed media to bring his original characters to life.
Known for a large selection of vintage toys, collectibles, and other items from Japan's rich history of toy production.They are always on the lookout for rare and unique items that are sure to excite collectors, and have a deep rich knowledge of the Japanese toy market.
Taiwanese artist AKSOULMUCH encourages you to destroy your bad mood with toys! They create fun and uniquely stylistic vinyl collectables that are sure to win your heart. Stop by their booth to give them a nice warm NY welcome, and as AKSOULMUCH says "with a friend, the fun will never end"
Don't let the name fool you, Nate is not a bear in a skin suit, but a talented human illustrator and character designer from NYC. His work is all about vibrant colors, dynamic expressions, and retro cartoon vibes - it's sure to make you squeeeee!

With characters that will make your brain melt with cuteness, he's worked with some amazing clients including Dreamworks, Time Out, Imperative, and Purpose! But that's not all, Nate is also a zine and comic publisher under the Bear Brains label and has contributed to various comic anthologies like 1001 Knights, Planetside Anthology, and The 3 Armed Squid.

Amanda Louise Spayd's artwork combines the textures and colors of antique domestic items, the natural world, and an obsessive attention to detail. Her fabric creatures are both charming and unsettling, evoking ideas of discarded children's toys and flawed taxidermy experiments with crooked human teeth. With an aged, antique appearance, viewers are left to wonder about the origin, past experiences, and past lives of these creatures. Amanda's work is highly regarded by collectors worldwide, and she has exhibited in galleries, boutiques, and conventions across the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Chris Ryniak specializes in amazing character design and high-quality resin and vinyl toy production. His work often features a cast of whimsical and imaginative creatures that inhabit an otherworldly realm. Chris's creations are playful and colorful, with large black eyes, and a cartoonish quality. He has collaborated with several major toy companies to produce limited-edition runs of his characters and has exhibited his work in galleries across the world.

Originating from Taiwan, the brand "BLACKMONSER" was established in 2020 and has been consistently creating amazing monster creations since! The overall style features unique dark elements rarely seen in Asian designs, utilizing a striking and impactful aesthetic to create monstrous characters with evil backgrounds.
Known for their original devilish figures like the Bog Dweller and Hell Doors, these talented artists' hand-made resin works are highly sought after and nearly impossible to find.
Bruckaroni Toys n' Thangs
New York-based artist David Bruck, has been creating toys since 2007. He loves bright colors, toys, animation, t-shirts, monsters, candy, and so much more, so in 2015, he decided it was time to evolve the brand into something that could fully encompass all his interests and passions - that's how Bruckaroni Toys n' Thangs was born!

Bruckaroni’s mission is to create Toys n' Thangs for the fun, quirky individual who enjoys letting their inner child out to play. Recently, he has been focusing on bringing his Chubby Ghost and Drumstick characters to life for his upcoming show with The Bots at #cluttergallery, opening July 13th in Beacon, NY!

Cherry Moth Cake
Made up of Maryland-based husband and wife team (Nick and Lindsay DiFabbio), Nick is an illustrator who dabbles in all disciplines but loves a good brush pen, Lindsay is a sculptor and painter who always favors the dreamy color fades her airbrush can provide. Nick loves horror, guts, and all things trippy. While Lindsay loves clean lines and silky colors, making their collaborative work instantly recognizable and unique.

Cherry Moth Cake makes toys, apparel, and fashion accessories, and most recently added to the menu is a card game! The self-published first edition is currently available but soon to be sold out.

Cortes Studio
Cortes Studio is a veteran in the field of traditional clay and digital sculpture.

His artwork ranges from collaborative studio work within the commercial industry, to independent fine art commissions. Dave runs a successful studio in Brooklyn, NY that has amassed an impressive clientele of media corporations based throughout the US and overseas.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, he has amassed a lifetime of stories based on some colorful characters he’s met along the way. These stories express themselves in his artwork in thought-provoking and wacky ways.

Dark Matter Toys
Known for his precision and quality, Dead Beat City’s figures are highly sought-after and coveted by collectors all over the world! Often using pop-culture references, he is most known for his Kuma Bear creation, taking on many different forms, including double-casts, hyper bears, zombies, and the Off Bear, to name a few.
Dollar $lice Bootlegs and Danny Diablo
@dollar_slice_bootlegs, known for his innovative resin work and bold, larger-than-life personality, will be returning to the Five Points Fest to celebrate 10 years of creating toys!

This year, he will be releasing his first sofubi creation: THE BIG RAD WOLF!!!

Not only that, prepare yourself because he will be joined by Danny Diablo (@dannydiablonyhc) a.k.a. Lord Ezec, a hardcore punk, graffiti, and hip hop legend, known for being the frontman of Skarhead, Crown Of Thornz, and the newest project Smoke AXD!!

In collaboration with Dollar $lice Bootlegs, Danny will be dropping his first mini-figure collectible!

Easily Amused
Easily Amused is a small-batch, artisanal, farm-to-table art brand concept based in NYC, that creates whimsical pins, patches, prints, and shirts that are perfect for your backpack and everyday attire.
Eddie spends most of his time sculpting and designing toys based on obsessions from his childhood. Retro music, cartoons, and movies are the driving force of his art. Working in resin, vinyl, and keshi, he brings familiar faces to life as toys and into the hands of adoring fans across the globe!
Error84 specializes in creating high-quality collectible pins, patches, stickers, custom toys, apparel, and artwork inspired by anything that triggers nostalgia in their hearts and minds.
Fatdads toys
FATDADSTOYS is a self-proclaimed indy toy loser, hard-drug-free skate dad, tattooed fool, and road-raging schizo, best known for their popular characters, Slimeballs, Eyez Scream, Petey the Bully.
Fetch For Donuts
Fetch for Donuts creates imagined characters and brings them to life through art toys and paintings. Each piece has a personal thought and/or emotion, cute, but also a little gross or disturbing.

Fetch for Donut's use of bold colors is her favorite way to express energy and playfulness in her art.

Figure Fettish
Mexican artist focused on mexafubi and sofubi with pre-Hispanic and hardcore themes. Hailing from Mexico City, Mysterio creates unique soft vinyl art with the intention of bending culture. In his artwork, Mysterio blends ancient South American indigenous art with Japanese Kaiju motifs, while simultaneously injecting horror tropes into his post-modern vision of art toys.
Rios Palante is a Bronx-based toy designer and creator of the beat em’ up, breakthrough comic series FU-Stamps. He uses his anime-inspired FU-Stamps characters to showcase heroes influenced by his community.

Rios wants to design for his people, his culture, and the hood, as a way to give back to his community by giving a voice to the people that don’t have one.

FU-Stamps is a spin on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles format but with heroes that are representative of the demographics of his neighborhood. And although they ultimately serve as an ode to his culture, he also wants FU-Stamps to represent people of color as heroes inside and outside of their communities.

Rios enjoys making things that are often looked at as negatives and flipping them on their ass to make them positive.

Global Figure Showcase
Global Figure Showcase, home to some of the most premier sofubi and vinyl figures, always brings the party. Their booth hosts amazing guests, signings, and exclusive show items.
Griz Biz Niz
Hiphoptoyz is a group of Hip-hop fans from the art and promoter worlds who run an independent toy brand in America. They create limited edition collectible action figures, custom G-Shock watches, NY Subway toy trains, custom Hot Wheels, and other cool stuff for fellow hip-hop fans to collect!
Hundred Demons is an apparel and collectible company coming to us from Madrid, Spain! They are best known for their pop culture-inspired art, such as, Take Me Back to Me," which reflects the essence of art as an expression without restrictions. Its tattoos act as liberators and protectors of human essences, challenging false modesty with irony and satire about what many consider untouchable.
Hot Actor
Hailing from Hawaii, this talented illustrator, toy designer, and all-round hottie 😉 is best known for his characters Raw Man, Puck, Rizzo, and F@ck A Duck.

From custom toys to resin and production toys, he does it all!

Jae the Lovestronaut
Meet the LoveStronaut by Jae Martin, where cosmic passion merges with urban vibrance in a kaleidoscope of creativity. Born from a mantra of spreading love, The LoveStronaut is a celestial envoy on a mission to infuse the universe with affection, one creation at a time. Influenced by the energy of city life and the vibrant hues of street art, their self-taught pop artist from Brooklyn, now based in Philadelphia, captures fleeting emotions with frenetic energy.
Jellykoe is a husband-and-wife creative team made up of Kelly and Spencer Shull, based in Columbia, SC. The couple's love for art and design shines through in their work, which is both charming and imaginative. Jellykoe's art style is a perfect blend of cute and quirky, with their illustrations featuring adorable animals, charming monsters, and fantastical creatures.

Their designs can be found on a variety of products, including plush, vinyl and resin toys, apparel, accessories, and home decor.

JOTOYS is a leading brand in China's creative collectible and art toy sector They specialize in blind box collectible toys, and have work with some amazing Chinese artists such as IP YUMO, MEHOO, and MIANA.

They believe that creative design and interesting gameplay are essential values that they hope to bring to their collectors.

Kaiju Big Battel
Are you ready to rumbllllllllllllllle!!!!? We are so excited to announce that @kaijubigbattel is returning to Five Points Fest as they celebrate 30 years of mayhem. If you missed it last year, this is your chance!

Currently, the Kaiju Universe maintains an active roster of approximately 40 monsters, including a factory-worker-turned-soup-can called Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, a dirty hare-sage dubbed Dusto Bunny, Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder (self-explanatory), and a despicable, square-headed mad scientist known as Dr. Cube.

In addition to the Kaiju Commissioner, a few other privileged humans also get a piece of the action, including Referee Dundee, a mustachioed official who enforces fairness and civility in the ring, Anthony Salbino, an urban renewal expert who reconstructs crumbled cityscapes between Battels, and one tuxedo-wearing, mouth-running MC. Make sure not to miss the chance to witness these monstrocities in action!

Kazumitsu Akamatsu
Japanese artist, steampunk fanatic, anime and sci-fi cinema writer, SOFUBI master, and living legend Kazumitsu Akamatsu (marmit_president) will be bringing an amazing array of sofubi monster goodness, including his infamous Skull Head Butt sculpts!
Based in Connecticut, USA, KLAV is a punk, hockey player, and a true master of weathered paint applications.

Starting his toy customizing career in 2017, he has since gained global recognition for his art. Specializing in hand-painted techniques learned from his background in 1980’s Japanese science fiction modeling, his work is even more impressive when seen in person. KLAV's work is highly collectable and demands attention!

Last Bastion Studios
Last Bastion Studios is a creative collaboration between two talented individuals, Wes Allard and Chris Hillseth, who started off beating the crap out of each other on a judo mat.

During this period of Mutually Assured Destruction, they discovered that they shared similar interests and aspirations. Several years later, these two mad men decided to unite their insanity and create Last Bastion Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

While Last Bastion is known for creating comics, toys, and other collectibles, Wes and Chris view it as an art-house and production studio that prioritizes quality craftsmanship, innovative solutions, and imagination.

Last Resort Toys
Last Resort Toys, run by Los Angeles / New Zealand-based artist Bryan Fulk, creates original and licensed monster toys with a 90s aesthetic.

Last Resort Toys is best known for its Trash Bag Bunch XL, Diener Space Creatures XL, and Run-A-Mucks mini figures. Bryan handles all the sculpting and prototyping but also collaborates with designers and artists to bring toys and ideas to life.

Fleet is a designer with a background in architecture, and a fascination with animals, objects, and unconventional geometries. Locknester takes these ideas and uses them to create amazingly unique 3D puzzle sculptures that encourage collectors to both admire and interact with them.

All Locknesters are 3D designed, printed, hand-sanded, barrel-tumbled, and top-coated to create a final product that is the result of devotion to craftsmanship and quality.

Fun fact: All pieces are produced from high-quality, American-made recyclable plastic without the use of toxic chemicals!

Luke Chueh
Chueh is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, California. His art is best known for its unique blend of cute and melancholy themes, often featuring animals with melancholic expressions. Luke has exhibited his work in galleries and museums worldwide and has collaborated with many brands and producers to create some of the most collectible and iconic vinyl toys. Recently he has started self-producing his own line of vinyl, and will be bringing this new work to the show!
M.U.D. Toys
Started in 2021 by longtime Sofubi collectors, Steve Nunes and Matt Monaghan, M.U.D. (Mad Ugly Dudes, hails from parts unknown on Long Island, NY and specializes in painted runs of their two-faced vinyl demon, Barfie! Featuring designs inspired by a variety of nostalgic horror and gut-wrenching gore themes, what more could you ask for?
Magitarius is an amazing creative team made up of a husband and wife duo who produce all kinds of original monster-based artwork from their lab located in North Carolina.

Specializing in creating one-of-a-kind figures, resin toys, paintings, prints, and apparel, with a particular focus on their Kaiju-styled monsters and zombies.

Their ultimate aim is to create beautiful and exciting new forms of art that people can love and enjoy. They put their heart and soul into every piece infusing each one with a unique energy that produces an array of works, be it a toy, shirt, or print, imbued with a spirit flash. This is to remind us all of the importance of being a kid and embracing the depths of our imagination.

A major player in the Japanese toy industry for over seventy years (they have been around in one form or another since 1923), they specialize in making some of the coolest and most sought-after versions of popular Japanese characters like #Ultraman and #Godzilla (We can never resist picking something up!)

MARUSAN is known for their incredible attention to detail and amazing quality. Each toy is designed and crafted to ensure it is both visually stunning and long-lasting.

Monster BloodBath
Monster Bloodbath is the brainchild of long-time toy collector, Peet Sketches. Known for his use of bright colors and intricate line work, he takes influence from skateboarding, graffiti, and comics.
Chris Milnes a.k.a @3dmuckychris, is known for his statues, art, and custom light switches. You can also find rad t-shirts, stickers, pins, and patches at his booth, so Don’t miss the chance to stop by for a dose of nostalgia!
Alongside MUMBOT bringing art, toys, live art, and more, GHOST CLUB will be curating demonstrations, creative discussions, and more!

Don't miss the opportunity to meet Mumbot herself, and ask her what it feels like to send a toy to space!

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore
Highly sought after, and collected, MVH creates some of the most iconic American-designed Sofubi figures around. Beautifully hand-sculpted designs, finished with immaculate paint applications, expect long lines and lottery systems to secure a piece at his booth!
Myplasticheart is celebrating their 20th anniversary!

Established in 2004, myplasticheart began as one of the first online shops to focus on the burgeoning designer toy scene. The idea originated from their love and appreciation of designer toys and the creative community that defined them.

In 2006, they opened their beloved brick-and-mortar location in the heart of the Lower East Side in New York City. The beating heart of many comiccon gatherings, gallery shows, and community events!

From renowned brands such as Kidrobot, tokidoki, and Medicom to independent local and international artists MPH offer a wide range of unique art and design products and collectibles.

In early 2021, myplasticheart relocated to their current location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - Make sure you check it out!

Newtown HQ is a Latina-owned establishment nestled in Astoria, Queens, NY. They serve as a vibrant hub for local artists and renowned Mexican talents, such as @missdirtyboots, @gobo.thoi, @joechipco , @cuentoscastrosos, and more!

Newtown HQ has received several accolades, such as four features in Business Insider, a nomination in Time Out NY's Shop Local Awards, and a spotlight on NY1, thus celebrating them in Astoria, NY, and beyond!

Ninobuni World
Ninobuni World is a lifestyle brand focused on the art and characters created by Juan Muniz, a Las Vegas-based artist. Muniz is well-known for his pop art character Bunny Felipe, who lives by the message of "say it simple, mean it deep."

Muniz is also deeply invested in sharing a positive message on mental health, having illustrated and written a children's book called "I'm Not OK Today," which shines a light on, and encourages self-love and care.

His original works have been exhibited worldwide, with his bunny art seen in commercial art and murals.

Objectivity Studios
Bernardo of Objectivity Studios is a Pop-Surreal sculptor who has been creating his signature Carp series for the last twenty years.

His work has appeared in many magazines, including Les Barany's incredible automotive art book, Carnivora: The Dark Art of Automobiles, published in 2008.

Bernardo has exhibited in various Newbrow galleries such as C-Pop in Detroit, and L'Imagerie in Los Angeles, as well as several high-end vintage automotive shows, including the legendary Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance. Balancing a sly sense of humor with a lifetime accumulation of technical abilities, his work stands out for its uniqueness and imagination.

Pals Socks
Pals is a Philly-based LGBTQ+ and woman-owned company that makes the most fun, comfy, wholesome, and weirdo socks out there. Each collectible pair of Pals socks comes with two friends that don't match but go perfectly together!

The wearer flaunts our maniFEETsto that we indeed are better, together. These socks come in all sizes, from big to small, so everyone can enjoy them. Pals also creates original and limited-edition collections and has collaborated with many in the toy community, such as Paul Frank, Nate Bear, Jason Naylor and most recently, Pinkgabbercat.

Peter Carnegie
In 2021, Peter created the Cute Robot, available in three sizes, as a unique, handmade collectible. Each robot is signed and numbered, making it one-of-a-kind. They are currently being collected in 11 countries and counting.
Plastic Pizza
Plastic Pizza is a brand that values creativity and imagination. With a goal to spread peace, art, and pizza around the world, when you visit their booth, you'll find yourself surrounded by talented artists and guests who are sure to inspire you!
Psychedelic Safari Toys & Junk
Psychedelic Safari Toys & Junk is a northwestern NJ-based creator of demented, wacky figures & other gaudy nonsense. You will leave the booth as a confused and new person.
Jon is a sculptor and painter based in New York, working under the nom de guerre of RAMPAGE TOYS. While living in Japan he began creating resin figures in 2008 followed by his own Japanese Vinyl (Sofubi) figures in 2010.

Over the years, he has collaborated with some of the best in the Sofubi industry, working on various projects ranging from original designs to the classic Godzilla IP.

Best known for his original sculpts - the Ugly Unicorn and Kesagake - his unique and recognizable style means these figures are hard to come by and sell out fast! Make sure you also snag one of his super cute and highly collected Gashapon- figures!

RedGuardian is a NY-based, designer and sculptor with roots deep in the world of designer toys, best known for his figures Creative Clown, Knav, and Chunder figures. More recently he has created and launched The Creatives Trading Card Project - a reflection of his dedication to the broader artistic community, and a way to provide a platform for artists and collectors to connect, collaborate, and showcase their work in an original and engaging format.
Ressinblood creates amazing custom hand-made resin and vinyl toys, and he also owns and works as a tattoo artist at Raw Power Tattoo!
Rough Cut Fan Club
Rough Cut Fan Club blends punk DIY aesthetic with celluloid classics and Z-grade zombies. They look to answer the question no one asked, “What would the flyer look like if Gamera and Godard played a dusty basement show together?”

They are dedicated to creating t-shirts for both the films we all love and for the ones you wish you could see! Be sure to stop by Rough Cut Fan Club’s booth and get your unthought-of questions answered right before your very eyes!

Sad Salesman
Eric launched his own designer toy brand Sad Salesman in 2017 and subsequently won the @DesignerToyAwards for Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2018.

He has created numerous characters for mobile games and showcases his art in various galleries across the country. Working at the intersection of minimalism, cuteness, and weird, he loves bringing characters into the world - seeing people connect and empathize with them. A few of his iconic characters include Symbiosis, Man-Snail, Shark, and Althin's own DIY figure, The Blonk.

Shabon Lee creative
At ShabonLee studio, they believe that even though we live in a fast-paced world where everyone is always looking for the newest and quickest trends, the toys that we grew up with are precious treasures. Aiming to preserve these memories by transforming old, worn-out toys into interesting works of art, using waste materials and refurbished toys to create designer toys and accessories made of precious metal.

ShabonLee studio aims to make silver jewelry that is unique and not ordinary, and believes that Mia the Cat is the perfect example of this!

Drawing from her experiences roaming the city, she infuses her characters with bright colors and glow-in-the-dark effects.

Each toy is a reminder that there is always room to smile every single day. Her rabbit-shaped monster character is an homage to that feeling of indulging in your favorite snack alongside a good friend.

Space Rabbit Studio
Space Rabbit Studio is a New York-based creative studio that specializes in mixed media storytelling.

The studio was founded by Kun-I and Shih-Wen, a couple of multidisciplinary artists, who created the studio to maintain their creative drive, find inspiration through collaborations, and embrace new challenges.

Space Rabbit Studio's storytelling revolves around characters that are often presented as designer toys, animations, and illustrations.

Some of their most popular characters include the Space Rabbit, Onesie Cat, and Godzelato.

The Sucklord is a New York City Pop Artist and Television Personality known for his subversive Action Figure, mashups and Reality TV Persona. Operating under the Brand SUCKADELIC, The Sucklord’s Line of self-manufactured Bootleg Toys steal shamelessly from STAR WARS, Vintage Advertising, and All manner of Pop Culture Trash. Packaged in layers of ironic self-mockery, His shoddy-looking wares have inspired an entire secondary Art movement, with dozens of entrepreneurial Toy Bootleggers creating their versions of highly referential, low-rent interpretations of their favorite figures.
Sunguts is a Japanese soft vinyl toy company that creates unique and colorful figures since 2007. Sunguts was founded by the talented artist and designer, Nakajima-san, who is known for his creative and whimsical designs. Sunguts' toys are highly sought after by collectors around the world thanks to their distinctive look and exceptional quality. The company's signature style is a perfect mix of cute and creepy, making them both charming and a little bit spooky! Each figure is meticulously hand-painted, making every piece unique and one-of-a-kind. Sunguts' toys range from small figures and keychains to larger, highly-detailed pieces that are truly works of art.

The company's commitment to quality and creativity makes them a favorite among toy enthusiasts and artists alike!

Founded in 2001, Super7 is the premier pop-culture design house and producer of lifestyle-oriented collectibles, toys, and apparel based in San Francisco, CA.

Super7 has harnessed the graphics, aesthetics, and energy of an obsession with science fiction, giant monsters, comic books, punk rock, skateboarding, robots, and rebellion to build a unique line up of self-branded, and officially licensed products.

Tenacious Toys
Tenacious Toys is a premier online retailer specializing in limited edition vinyl, resin, and PVC art toys, as well as imported action figures and one-off custom toys.

In 2005, Benny & Steph started Tenacious Toys on a whim with a few random toy purchases and an eBay shop. Since then, they've grown and expanded into a full-service website, blog, and supporter of emerging artists around the world.

The philosophy at Tenacious Toys is to spread as much beautiful sculptural art around the world, to do that, they focus on heavily promoting artists and brands!

The Lite Toys
The Naughty Rabbit
What started as cosplaying rabbit figurines has grown into a diverse array of organismal cuteness that often showcases less celebrated creatures. Elisabeth Holmes, aka The Naughty Rabbit, hopes to ignite a sense of wonder and empathy for the natural world through her whimsical creations.
Tokyo Mania Toys
Toy Art Gallery
Working with some of the top artists in the Sofubi/Kaiju worlds, you could be lucky enough to pick up something by the amazing @jamesgroman, @paulkaiju, or @doktor_a
Toy Tokyo
Located in the heart of New York City’s East Village, Toy Tokyo is a mecca for an incredible array of designer vinyl, limited edition toys, rare games, retro replicas, and early-edition artist toys, including the Kaws companion.

Lev Levarek started Toy Tokyo in 2000. Quickly becoming a seminal figure in the designer toy world, Lev honed the designer toy movement in the upstairs of Toy Tokyo and helped it grow into the industry we know and love today. Artist after artist credits Lev for their ability to have put a toy out in the world - everyone seems to know that “whatever Lev touches, sells”. If Lev likes your toy, it’s going to be big!

Toy Tokyo and Lev have consistently been at the forefront of the industry, supporting artists like Kaws, Ron English, and Michael Lau before people even knew who they were - launching exclusive and limited-edition content.

Toyz is a brand that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but gives it a hip-hop twist! The company develops and sells its own products with the aim of passing on hip-hop culture and its values to the younger generation in a playful and stylish way, while also inspiring the older generation to be creative and playful again.
Trash Panda Toys
Trash Panda Toys is a company that believes in bringing art to the world while also making a positive impact. Their mission is to feed the world, and they do this in several ways. Firstly, they take pride in their customizable platform, which allows anyone to feed and unleash their creativity. Secondly, they collaborate with artists to create out-of-this-world collaborations, which helps support and feed the artists and their families. Lastly, they organize benefits to raise funds for organizations such as Feeding America, bringing their dream of feeding the world full circle!
Twins Brand Services LLC
TWINS BRAND is an American/Belgian-owned company that creates products through storytelling and world-building.

Creating products that explore the catalog of the brands and characters within the world of TOKY-LAND®, they produce magazines, graphic novels, garments, sofubi figures, and more!

Unbox Industries
Unbox is a global collective of creatives, engineers, and manufacturing wizards who love to share the fun of character and toy production. Since 2007, they have been making characters like Elfie, Badmeaw, Kiyo Neko, Little Dino, and many others with great passion and always with fun in mind.
Under our Knives
Under Our Knives (UOK) is a NY-based artist who specializes in creating bizarre and twisted food sculptural creations.

Have you ever imagined the expressions from your food while being consumed? If you have, you're sick, and his art may be right up your alley!

Whether concocting playful parodies, or exploring the realm of whimsical food art, UOK aims to evoke empathy for these tortured foods, or delight in their adorable suffering. All while providing topnotch craftsmanship and beautiful paint applications.

Vincent Scala
Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Scala's creative spirit is fueled by the vibrant energy of NYC, the raw edge of Punk Rock, the bold expressions of Street Art, and the rebellious essence of Counterculture. A dynamic animator, illustrator, and inventive toy designer, who continues to craft every piece of art for his cult-favorite character, Work Dog.

He has directed and produced captivating projects for high-profile names like Ariana Grande, Chelsea Peretti, Steve Aoki, and Rome of Sublime. His animated music video for Chelsea Peretti earned a prestigious Reuben Award nomination and a glowing feature in Rolling Stone.

Wilde Herbs
Yutoos' creations are inspired by the natural world, the mysteries of the universe, and the unique shapes and forms found in geology.

His toys are known for their clean design and interesting shapes. Yutoos' interest in the unknown is reflected in his work, whether he's designing Totem figures that explore the idea of sentient rocks and mountains or creating unique creatures inspired by the idea of life on other planets.

Zimot is a lowbrow artist who creates an endless stream of art inspired by his internal thoughts. His work is characterized by an obsessive fervor that is hard to comprehend.

Zimot hailing from Binghamton, NY, is a master at producing unique handmade art, statuary, and absurdities. His artwork is inspired by novelty items and toys from the 1930s-1980s, such as blow molds, carnival chalk, neon mod banks, monster toys, cheap injection-molded throw-away toys, mid-century decor, knickknacks, etc.

47-49 Designs
47-49 Designs is a team of two brothers who designed a kaiju character called Tank-Dino as a parody/tribute to Japanese monsters from the 1960s through the 1980s.

Their primary figure is vinyl, but they also make smaller resin versions, as well as stickers and t-shirts!

New York-based artist @ahzzzz will be brining his Squiddies! - the adorable and colorful sea creatures that are known for their deep-SEAted emotions to Artist Alley in 2024!!

Recently, Ahzzzz's Kickstarter campaign turned Squiddies (a vehicle for exploring emotions) from simple illustrations to highly sought-after designer art toys, marking a new chapter for his beloved characters, and bringing a brand new wave of collectors!

Alex Dos Diaz
Introducing @alexdosdiaz a professional artist based out of Pennsylvania, who will be exhibiting at Five Points Fest for the first time!

Pennsylvania-based artist Alex Dos Diaz creates artwork based on psychological themes visually inspired by his love for design, animation, and video games, expect to see something you will fall in love with.

Alex works as a freelance illustrator for a variety of clients including companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Marvel, Ubisoft, Dungeons & Dragons, and Penguin Random House, and has received numerous awards.

Alex Smith Illustration
Alexandra Smith is an illustrator who lives in the East Village in NYC that likes to play with zany characters that defy the ordinary!

Her work embraces line and texture and is graphic in style. Inspired by 1920s cartoons, Hermanus Bosch, and mid-century vintage advertisements

All Nighter Productions
All Nighter Productions (Erin Rosenzweig,) is best known for her plant and mushroom dragons, the Verdlings.

Erin is a deep appreciator of nature and fantastical creature design, and enjoys fusing them in a way that might make you wonder if you could find one living out in the wild.

Her resin toys are created by hand - from sculpting to the final paint application - making each of her designs unique and one-of-a-kind. They are adorable, if slightly unsettling, with expressions of pure mischief!

Alyssa Klash
Alyssa Klash is an illustrator and designer with more than 13 years of experience.

After graduating from Parson School of Design in NYC, she worked for the low-brow artist Tara McPherson and designer Betsey Johnson, before returning to her hometown of Detroit, where she began her journey as a freelance artist.

Her work explores the dark and powerful female psyche in everyone. She uses her sexy cat muse, known as "Albino Kitty," as her guide to create stunning hand-drawn illustrations that are transformed into clothing, prints, pins, stickers, and much more.

Big Purple Glasses
Carrie Lineham is a talented illustrator/designer from Woodstock, NY who loves bright colors and hot soups! Together with her husband, Matthew Lineham, they create retro-inspired concert posters, pennants, tear-away valentines, and Christmas ornaments. They are determined to make all the things they wish existed when they were kids!

Recently, they have worked on custom merchandise and posters for various music, TV, and movie franchises. Their clients include The Cure, Duran Duran, Blondie, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, Halloween, Vision Video, Netflix's Stranger Things, Trick 'r Treat, The Crow, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, AMC's The Walking Dead, and Shudder's Creepshow.

Curator of many pins, stickers, and whatever he can get my hands on, his humorous mashups are a crowd pleaser and perfect for any pop culture fan.
Bness Studio a.k.a. Vanessa Tam, is a Hong Kong-based artist, designer, and creator of supaBAROQUE, a world where she transforms Baroque aesthetics into epic enamel pins and creepy-cute resin toys. Tam’s designs are a unique blend of haunting and cute, with a touch of timeless appeal.

Imagine angels straight out of the Bible, but way more awesome, and just a little unsettling. Each of her creations invites you to a world where elegance meets 'Wait, what?!'

BxE Buttons X Stacia Made
At the intersection of pop culture and feminism, you will find BxE Buttons x StaciaMade. They are a wife and husband crafting power couple who design all of their items with a focus on enamel pins, patches, stickers, toys, and more!
Cicada Black Studios
Cicada Black Studios is a recently established company that specializes in creating high-quality resin toy products.

The founder and lead artist, Christian Perez, has over 25 years of experience in the tattoo industry and is also an accomplished oil painter. He is thrilled to be able to translate his art from the canvas to the 3D world!

Jenny believes you may remember staying up late on Saturday nights or waking up early on Sunday mornings to catch Adult Swim’s anime on TV. Like many of you, anime and manga have played a significant role in her art! She is influenced by a variety of anime, including Kamisama Kiss, and RPGs like Genshin Impact and Fate/Grand Order. She loves them all! Romance anime/manga inspired her to create a webtoon about two demons who fall in love with each other while living in a society that forbids their kind of love.
Crawlah Club
Eric Adams, the Creator behind the Creepy and Cute collections that you all love, will be bringing a whole new Arsenal of work that ties in the grotesque yet refined and colorful world that he lives in. Using mixed media, The Crawlah Club produces some of the most unique and vibrant critters that can be hung on walls, worn on clothes, or added to toy collections.
MaFe is a talented 2D character concept artist, toy designer, and animator based in Staten Island, NY.

Her work is often inspired by Kawaii Harajuku, Yokai monsters, and K-pop.

Diana Teeter Art
An artist and illustrator who lives and works in Queens, NY. Her art is inspired by NYC nature, people watching, and popular culture.

Diana loves to make silly art with the goal of making people laugh, smile, and remember the fun times in life.

Dominick Navarra Studio
Dominick is a talented artist who creates a playful and colorful variety of toys, paintings, and his latest work - a children's book called "Perfectly You".

He expertly uses wood and metal to make each piece by hand, resulting in a whimsical and charming collection of unique characters.

He is also the co-owner of Hidden Dimension Gallery in New Orleans with his partner Michael Bogle of Tolzar Toys.

A talented artist based in Brooklyn, he has been an illustrator since childhood and has now ventured into the world of digital 3D sculpting, concept art, and toy design.

He has used his skills to design creatures for Legendary's Monsterverse, Marvel's Antman 3, and FX's American Horror Story.

His love for giant monsters, sci-fi, and horror inspires him to keep creating amazing art.

Danny (DROLDN) Roldan is a multi-talented animator, designer, and illustrator based in New York. He employs both traditional and digital media, and is skilled in character design, animation, and 3D sculpture.

Danny's art is influenced by his surroundings, as well as art and design cultures from all over the world. He incorporates intricate organic and geometric shapes, a vibrant color palette, science, and nature-inspired themes in his works.

Ebb N Flow Design
Elliot Lobell/Neon Creature
Elliot Lobell is an independent artist based in Jersey City who specializes in stop-motion animation and making handmade monster toys.

He's currently in production on his new short animated film, "Edward" about a man born with a demon on the back of his head, and is excited to feature a limited run of his new resin figure, "Three Heads Are Better Than None" at Five Points 2024!

From slanging pins to making evil resin figures, EVILGHOSTY likes to keep it spooky. If you too love the dark and derpy side of life, make sure to stop by EVILGHOSTY’s table on June 8th and 9th for an eerie good time.
Fancy Furries
Glitch Bitch
Glitch Bitch is an independent apparel and accessory brand that is owned and operated by designer Sara Jabbari - known for her original designs inspired by the little sweet and savory things in life between the chaos.

Glitch Bitch's mission is to bring a dash of derp, two-parts sass, and an overall “fuck-the-man” mentality to the apparel and accessories world through creative magic. Expression is seen as a weapon, and they are not afraid to use it to create something truly special!

Goofy Froot
Goofy Froot (@goofyfroot), a comic book and art studio created by writer Mike Grossman (@goodgreatgrossman) and artist Max Travers (@maxplanets), are bringing their larger-than-life universe to Five Points Fest!

Featuring characters from the "Frootiverse", all life-sized fruits ("the froots") and have larger-than-life personalities. Since 2016, they've expanded the Goofy Froot brand into other mediums such as street art, canvas works, enamel pins, and apparel/streetwear - with vinyl toys on the horizon. We often say, "Goofy Froot is the comic we wanted to read the most, but it didn't exist, so we created it for ourselves!"

Graveyard Rave
The Graveyard Rave is a multimedia artist based in Queens, NYC, who is known for their wearable resin slimes and ongoing animal punk character series.

Being a trinket collector at heart, they hope their weird creations will find their way into the collections of other art enthusiasts.

Heartbat Studio
A pastel goth artist and designer based out of New York and known for her creepy-cute enamel pins, cotton-candy pink custom Godzilla toys, and her Catbat vinyl toy! Her work is inspired by popular culture, “kawaii” and alternative fashion.
HH Toy Co
Sam Heimer is a Philadelphia-based freelance Illustrator and creator of HH Toy Company.

Releasing toys inspired by Halloween, Vintage Americana, Folklore, and Weird Fiction, his work can be seen in a wide array of markets from Beer and Liquor Labels, Album Art, Special Effects for Film and TV, tinned fish, and more.

In its almost eight years of operation, HH Toys has released well over 100 unique sculpts in a myriad of colors, finishes, and substrates.

Hungry Hamster
Hungry Hamster, the Singapore-based, beatboxing, hamster-loving, genius, aka Freddy Lim, is back to rock your world!

His unique brand explores the theme of greed in today's society through its vibrant and thought-provoking designs. Each piece invites viewers to reflect on their desires and the societal pressures that drive them.

With its bold colors and dynamic designs, Hungry Hamster offers a fresh perspective on the human condition, blending art, design, and social commentary in captivating ways.

Jane Mai
I'm in my feelings
Amidst the unfolding pandemic, Tony faced the challenges of overwhelming emotions and anxiety. Seeking solace, he turned to his art and stumbled upon the characters of the heart and brain while attempting to convey his complex thoughts.

These characters became central to his product line, offering customers a unique blend of logic and emotional intelligence.

Through his creations, Tony invites customers to explore and embrace their feelings, ultimately giving rise to his signature collection, "I'm In My Feelings."

Jane Mai
Jane Mai is a local stranger and the mayor of Stinkytown. When she’s not fulfilling her mayoral duties, she transforms into a gremlin who enjoys making risograph prints and writing award-winning comics!

Join us at the Five Points Festival on June 8th and 9th in Brooklyn, NY. Make sure to stop by Jane Mai’s table, but whatever you do, DO NOT feed her after midnight!

JENKINS2D is a Colorado-born, Texas-grown, multidisciplinary artist living and working in New Braunfels, TX! His work marries the attention-grabbing audacity of graffiti with nostalgic, classic cartoon imagery, inviting us into his universe of sorbet-colored grotesqueries and fantastic visuals.

His work will take you into a multiverse of scenes that have sown the seams of what it means to be led by your dreams.

Jessica Luna
Jessica is an Italian illustrator who creates art that reflects the optimism and positivity of young women.

Her current focus is a series of illustrations that embody the lighthearted aesthetics of her teenage years and explore what girlhood means to her as an adult.

Her goal is to encourage women to embrace their love for cute and emotional things and to define for themselves what it means to be strong.

John Gebbia Art
John Gebbia Art is the artist and co-creator of DOSE!, a unique sci-fi comic centered around Meta-drugs, Kaiju Sex, and Ultra-violence.

John honed his cartooning skills at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts in 1994 and began his career in the comics industry at Slave Labor Graphics.

His current project, DOSE!, features a variety of kaiju, including Goobymon, who has now become part of the DOSE! universe.

Goobymon uses the meta-drug Foodie, which is typically used for medicinal purposes in hospitals, to ease his anxiety.

Sid is a Taiwanese artist based in New York, who specializes in creating cute and creepy designer toys and illustrations.
Karma Cartoons
Working in various mediums, including woodcarving, painting, comics, and cartoons, he creates original stories and characters, hoping to stand out in a world of AI-generated content.

The goal of Karma Cartoons is to create an all-around art and cartoon platform that can be a place for animation and storytelling to thrive in the uncertain era of streaming and fast content.

Kir's Labretore
Kir is an artist who's work involves a combination of reused materials, textures, and color mediums. The creations are influenced by the experiences in a world with an ever-changing landscape.
Life Machine
Life Machine is an independent studio based in Brooklyn, NY that creates toys mostly inspired by cartoon violence and real-world observations - an abstract take on the toy art world, influenced by both old and new. Often the designs reflect deep insecurities and shared personal struggles.

Occasionally, Life Machine invents a blobby, spiky creature from a made-up universe called "The EEK-A-Verse."

Lux Nova Studio
Lux Nova Studio aka Morgan Wilson is a traditional painter and unconventional artist with a unique and sexy story to tell.

Currently, she resides in Orlando, FL where many locals have come to know her as a full-time self-employed human dynamo, single mother, and whisp of smoke.

She has devoted her entire life to feminism, fine art, and perversion.

M. Lineham Art
Matthew Lineham is an accomplished poster artist/designer from Woodstock, NY.

Together with his wife Carrie Lineham, they create retro-inspired concert posters, pennants, tear-away valentines, and Christmas ornaments.

Last year, Matthew had the amazing opportunity to be the official artist to design the North America/Latin America Tour poster for The Cure!

Maggie Chen will be accompanied by her emotional support penguin, Arnold, whose main goal is to brighten up your day!

@arnoldfarfromhome will be documenting their journey and sharing memories with everyone.

Don't miss the chance to take home a piece of Arnold's journey with you. You can grab posters, keychains, postcards, and more!

Mango Town
Mango Town created by Jennifer Xiao is a brand centered around cute animals, plush, home décor, and illustrations! You know you are going to walk away with a fabulous addition to your home!
Mestiza Makes
Elliot is a Brooklyn-based game designer, producer, and artist who loves all things weird and wonderful about the TTRPG industry. He is known for his self-published games Project ECCO, Something Is Wrong With The Chickens, and the upcoming Rom Com Drama Bomb. Elliot makes games and art for the weird and the wild with a love for eldritch horror, body horror, and a sense of humor throughout all of his work.
Murd3r World
Specializing in clear resin and birds, you'll want to stop and not fly by his table! 🐤🐤🐤
Musculoids is an Independent toy line with 50+ characters in 6” and 12” soft vinyl & Handmade Art Toys since 2015. Hustle for the muscle!
Nekosatsu Toys
Nekosatsu is an organization determined to transmit the galaxy's finest handmade space-faring fiends to the visual organs of the uninitiated, and sorely unprepared earth populous. Hand-cast, painted, and assembled with subatomic precision, these cosmic collectibles are sure to delight even the stingiest of fanatical flesh beings.

Nekosatsu is Planet Earth’s penultimate source for interplanetary plastic product import. Nekosatsu represents the three-dimensional work of Henny Zack, an artist and graphic designer from Buffalo, NY. She draws her main inspirations from imagined and established fictional universes, ironic subcultures, history, literature, and the people she loves.

Normandie Art
Normandie Syken is an illustrator and printmaker from Queens, NY. She studied illustration at SVA and earned her BFA in 2017. Since then, she has self-published two picture books titled "Little Red Witch" and "Puss in Boots."

Her artist’s books, prints, and paintings are in collections such as the Beinecke Library, the British Library, and the Rhode Island School of Design.

One-Eyed Girl
Kasey Padia, a New Jersey-based artist, primarily focuses on custom vinyl toys and original sculpts. Kasey uses humor and emotion to create spirited characters, each with individual personalities. She draws inspiration from her own amusements, playfulness, hunger, boredom, or defeat to create work intended for giggles, for others to relate to, and simply for the joy of creating something fun.
Oneiromancy Toy Works
Oneiromancy is the divination of dreams. That's exactly what Nick Oneiromancer does through customizing any piece of vinyl, resin, or plastic he can get his hands on.

Each piece from Oneiromancy toy works is hand-painted and truely one-of-a-kind. Nick draws inspiration from classic Sofubi painting techniques, adding his own touch to create a toy that you could only dream of.

From the whimsical world of Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY) Pinkgabbercat emerges as a psychedelic herald of feline fun.

Bursting with rainbows and glitter these cats are here to be weird.

Pinkgabbercat is a queer cartoonist creating zines, pins, stickers, prints, plush, and soft vinyl toys.

Pockets Fulla Pillz
Pookiki Studio
Chanel Rapiz, the creative mind behind Pookiki Studio, is a New York-based fine artist and sculptor working out of a small apartment in Queens, NY.

From her original Acornian creatures to humanoid animals, she cranks out a variety of handmade oddities and small clay sculptures that are fun, strange, and meant to bring smiles.

Priscilla's Arte
California Based Artist, Priscilla Marquez, aka Priscillas Arté (pronounced Are-teh), will be joining the 2024 amazing artist alley line-up!

From casting to customizing, Priscilla uses Designer Toys to share her bright & intricate style of art with the world!

Christie's art is a perfect mix of cuteness and quirkiness, drawing you into a world of derpiness and things not suitable for polite company. Anthony's art, on the other hand, evokes nostalgia with his kaiju and references to pop culture.

Their combined expertise in pop culture, silliness, giant monsters, and even your mom, allows them to create pins, stickers, prints, and almost everything else you could want, except for food and shelter.

Righteous Indignation
Jason Lubrano, also known as Righteous Indignation, is a local artist from New York who draws inspiration from the fantastical, horrific, and futuristic worlds of comic books and Saturday morning cartoons.

He enjoys creating weird and colorful creatures, creeps, and monsters using a variety of mediums, from canvas and paper to pixels and resin.

For more than a decade, he has been designing album covers and merchandise for bands, including Iron Chic, for which he is also the lead vocalist.

Rinicake is a self-taught cutesy critter artist who creates products like pins, stickers plushies, and more. She entered the world of designer toys in 2021 with the debut of her first vinyl toy, Dollypaca, or Dolly for short— a charmingly cute pink alpaca with a strawberry motif. There are now four characters in the “doll-paca” vinyl toy family: Dolly, Berrywinkle, Pommella, and their mom Pearidot.
Sami Kerwin
Sami Kerwin is a friendly neighborhood ghost purveyor who loves all things spooky, cute, and queer.

She has taken inspiration from the humble sheet ghost to create collectible ceramic figures, illustrations, and many, many stickers. Although her ghosts may not scare you, they are sure to bring a delighted "Ahh!" from anyone who sees them.

Sharpy is a Staten Island-based artist drawing inspiration from NYC landscapes, graffiti culture, and design.

Sharpy has carved out a niche that is as distinctive as the sharp-toothed creatures he paints. He extends his reach through various mediums like canvas and found objects, stickers that find their home on street signs and lamp posts, pins, and other accessories!

Ripley Ash is a NYC-based illustrator who loves horror, bright colors, urban landscapes, and things that make them nostalgic. In their work, they love playing with a combination of all of these things and sometimes adding a dash of dark humor.
Steve Urena
Style Over Substance
Tani Gomez
Tani Gomez is a concept designer for film and games and uses his experience in sculpting and special effects to create his character, Santiago.

The character, Santiago, is names after the town in the Dominican Republic where Tani was born, and is based on festive masks used in cherished carnivals throughout the island - heavily rooted in folklore.

Tani has dedicated the past year to further developing his characters by building a story around them and producing life-sized masks and unique collectibles to share with the world.

The Coven Of Cuteness
Jennifer is a self-taught artist from Puerto Rico, currently working from her home studio in Casselberry, Florida. Due to her ADHD, she naturally creates in a variety of mediums, from sculpting in clay to drawing and digitally sculpting, sometimes all in one day!

Jennifer's work is inspired by fairytales, Halloween, and food. She also has a strong fascination with skulls, which you'll often see in her work.

The Goodbunny Club
The Goodbunny Club is an art & streetwear brand created in 2017. Alice makes original art, toys, streetwear, pins, prints, and stickers, drawing inspiration from her relationship with mental illness, being atypical, and the desire to fit in.

The Goodbunny Club is about acknowledging the darker side of things, embracing vulnerability, and telling stories.

The Lostlings
The husband and wife team, The Lostlings, are known for their hand-painted resin designer toys that feature clean lines and creative backstories. In 2012, Tim began his career as a concept artist for a major toy company.

Fast forward to 2022, with the help of his wife Lori, they went independent and started creating original characters inspired by animals, objects, pop culture, and just about anything that inspires them!

The Teddy Garden
TJP is a young Philadelphia-based artist who concocts resin toys, stickers, and buttons.

His style combines elements of classic sci-fi, stirs it with scoops of street art, and drops in small doses of horror.

TJP brings original creations to life, such as LiL Dudes, Graffiti Eati, and Astro-Nots!

Tolzar Toy Co.
Tolzar Toys @tolzartoyco the passion project of Michael Bogle - a New Orleans-based tattoo artist, studio, and gallery owner.

Bogle came of age in a golden era of 90’s nerd culture and developed a particular fascination with the creatures that haunted his favorite comics and films. In 2022, he founded Tolzar Toys, New Orleans’s signature toy company specializing in the design and distribution of collectibles with King Krawju, the God of the Southern Bog, launching in June of that year.
A 12.5″ tall luxury figure available in three different colors, King Krawju pays homage to traditional New Orleanian faire and folklore.

Tony Trip
Tony Trip is a versatile and seasoned professional artist whose expertise spans both 2D and 3D art forms.

With a lifelong journey in the art world, Tony has honed his skills through decades of practice and exploration. His portfolio showcases a broad spectrum of digital artworks, from intricate 2D illustrations that capture the essence of storytelling to dynamic 3D models and environments that offer viewers immersive experiences.

His work is characterized by a deep understanding of color, light, and composition, enabling him to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant pieces.

Whether working on concept art for games, visual effects for music videos, or 3D sculptures for live events, Tony Trip brings a unique blend of creativity, precision, and passion to every project.

Totemz Toys
Toys Van Damned
Jason "Jungle" Diaz is an independent toy maker from New Haven, CT.

His current path began with his love for film and music writing/production during his youth. Diaz's deepest influences come from growing up around 80s/90s drug culture, hip hop, streetwear, skateboarding, martial arts, and graffiti.

Diaz aims to create designs that may not be immediately understood but are appreciated for their long-term value.

Diaz's sculpting style is a mix of crude and hyper-detail, where he leaves fingerprints and slight imperfections to leave traces of the organic human touch that brings his work to fruition. Most of his toys are manifestations of his philosophies and personal meditations of the afterlife. They are original characters that embody his ideas, beliefs, strengths, and shortcomings.

"Usagiduck" literally means "Rabbit Duck," the fictional character created by Nao Kondo.

He loves eating "Fish-carrot" and always plays with "Duck," his best friend. Their adventure is full of fun and curiosity, and they like to make many friends!

April Yim is an illustrator/graphic designer from Queens, NY that specializes in drawing charming monsters and loves making custom portraits of pets. She has over a decade of client-driven digital and print media work experience found in various forms, including website/app designs, NYC MTA bus shelters and subway ads, magazines, book covers, apparel, promotional merchandise, stationery, and more!