Five Points Fest 2021 will be following the CDC’s recommended event guidelines. Which can be viewed here.


Here are some of the actions we will be implementing. This information and guidance may change as we get closer to the event.

At this time Masks will be MANDATED for ALL ATTENDEES.

  • Attendee Contact Information: At least one attendee from each party will be required to sign in during ticketing, or before or immediately upon entering the event space, providing their name, address, and phone number for use in potential contact tracing efforts.
  • Health Screening: Health screening for all individuals including questions on any COVID-19 symptoms, close contacts, recent positive COVID-19 test result, and compliance with State’s travel advisory. Screening may be performed via signage, at ticket purchase, by e-mail/website, by telephone, or by electronic survey before individuals enter the event space.
  • Hand Hygiene: Handwashing stations or hand sanitizing supplies for common areas will be provided where possible.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection: Regularly cleaning and disinfecting, focusing on high-traffic areas, such as restrooms, and frequently touched surfaces, such as service counters and seats.
  • Communication: Signage informing attendees of health precautions (e.g., social distancing, masks, hand hygiene) and distance markers indicating six-foot spaces in areas where lines form or people congregate unless all attendees are fully vaccinated.

We will be honoring all booth deposits, payments, and sign-ups for 2020 towards either  Five Points Festival 2021, or Five Points Festival 2022.


All tickets will be honored for  Five Points Fest 2021. VIP Ticket Holders will still be receiving their 2020 & 2021 toy.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch – [email protected]. 

Stay safe, and get vaccinated!

Love, Miranda, Josh, Sarah, & Team Five Points Fest.