Project Description


James Sizemore, born and raised in the rural town of Moreland, Georgia, started seeing demons at the age of seven. James was always encouraged to express his demonic visions by his supportive artist parents, and this expression flourished into a fantastical art career. In 2006, James co-founded an art cult collective known as The Black Riders, which later inspired the formation of his film production company, Black Rider Productions, LLC. In 2013, James unleashed upon the world his directorial feature film debut, “The Demon’s Rook”. Hailed by Fangoria and screened at some of the finest genre film festivals such as Sitges, Fantasia, and FrightFest, it also won Best Special Effects at Brazil’s Fantaspoa Film Festival in 2014.

The dark lord continues to smile upon James’ work as he has gone on to create more award-winning features, short films, and even paintings that have been shown all over the world. James’ latest endeavor has been the creation his own toy company, WONDER GOBLIN. With a more colorful and playful outlook on the demons that James has befriended over the years, the company offers original monster creations in soft vinyl and resin which he also sculpts and paints by hand. James loves making toys more than any other medium because for now, it keeps the nightmares at bay.

Check out his work at or on Instagram @wondergoblin.