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Project Description


Super7 grew up with giant monsters, comic books, punk, science fiction, skateboarding, robots and rebellion. No one was making what they wanted, so they made it themselves. In 2001, Super7 started as a magazine about vintage Japanese toys. They took their backgrounds in punk and skate ‘zines, design, and production and made the first issue about everything they wanted to talk about and wished they could find elsewhere. Included in each magazine were mail-in coupons for exclusive recolored toys, allowing them to create new toys—every collector’s dream—and both the magazine and toys were eagerly accepted by fans who were missing the same content and product that Super7 was.

In the intervening years, they’ve moved on from print and focused on creating toys and apparel. In 2008 Super7 began releasing the Monster Family, Kandy Kaiju, and Destroy All Kaiju lines of vinyl figures. In 2013 they released a canceled line of Alien Figures from 1979 which resulted in a partnership with Funko that led to the launch of ReAction Figures. Super7 is also responsible for reintroducing the classic M.U.S.C.L.E. figures from the 80s with new characters from Masters of the Universe and Alien.

Super7 has two brick and mortar locations – one in San Francisco and one in San Diego and now produces the ReAction line independently.