Project Description

JOE SIMKO ( -The artwork of Joe is an amalgamation of his 1980s
childhood influences: cartoons, toys, comic books, and sugar-fueled kid’s cereal-box art.
Transforming these artforms into his current illustrative style has lead him to a career designing
artwork for rock bands and festivals, writing and illustrating his pop-punk children’s book series THE SWEET ROT and writing and painting the GARBAGE PAIL KIDS and WACKY
PACKAGES cards for the TOPPS COMPANY. He created his own pop-art company,
WAX EYE which released CEREAL KILLERS and STUPID HEROES sticker cards. Joe produced and co-directed the GARBAGE PAIL KIDS documentary film, 30 YEARS OF GARBAGE.

Joe will be at the FYE booth meeting fans from 1:00-4:00pm on both Saturday & Sunday.